Founded in 2018, Elfly Group are headquartered in Bergen and our research and development department is located in Tønsberg. As of today, we are a team of 7 people, and expanding. Our initial vision is to promote and support various electric aviation projects in Norway. 


The Elfly Group are involved in three core projects. We are designing commercial electric seaplanes, which we expect to be fully certified and operational in 2029. We also distribute Bye Aerospace electric aircrafts to the Scandinavian general aviation market. Finally, we are involved in the development of the fastest electric aircraft in the world, as part of our partnership with the Nordic Air Racing Team. 

Elfly’s endeavours align with the Norwegian Government’s ambitions to make domestic aviation entirely emission free by 2040. Moreover the Elfly Group is a founding member of the Nordic Network for Electric Aviation, a platform where Nordic aerospace companies come together to accelerate the introduction of electric aviation in the Nordic countries.

Our Managing Team

Eric Lithun - Elfly Group

Eric Lithun


Tomas Brødreskift


Eirik Sandal



For general inquiries, pictures and mediakit, please contact us on hello@el-fly.no

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