At Elfly Group, we aim to bring environmentally friendly aviation to Norway and to the rest of the world. We are directly involved in a number of projects to make electric aircrafts a reality in our skies : commercial seaplanes, general aviation aircrafts, and electric air racing. 

Electric Seaplanes
in Vestland

We are designing versatile all-electric seaplanes to transport people and goods. We will first launch the service in Norway, and then expand. We want people to travel emission-free from city centre to city centre, at a fraction of the time of what they are used to.

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General Aviation

We supply the all-electric eFlyer series, designed and manufactured by Bye Aerospace. The plane is suitable for businesses, aero clubs, and pilot training. It will significantly decrease the cost and environmental footprint of general aviation in Norway.

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We have partnered up with Electric Air Propulsion and Equator Aircraft to promote the development of the world's fastest electric plane. We work with sponsors who care about the development of electric aviation.

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